Sliding system without thermal break

Sliding system without thermal break

Optimised non insulated aluminium system for light and economical sliding solutions with an excellent price-quality ratio.

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  • Suitable for the construction of internal sliding structures and also in the glazing of balconies and other rooms or spaces. The design of the system allows extremely fast and efficient assembly in the production of frames.

    • Optimised weight
    • Excellent functional variety
    • Fast assembly

    Technical information

    • Frame (width):

      43 and 45 mm
    • Frame (height):

      38 mm
    • Glazing sash (width):

      28 mm
    • Glazing sash (height):

      61 mm
    • Glazing options:

      4 and 20 mm

    At Profilink, our cold sliding speciality solution is available in an extensive array of colours, offering you the freedom to choose the perfect palette for your partition sliding. Select from a list of wood imitations. Our unwavering commitment to customization ensures that you can envision and personalise your living space with Profilink cold opening solution in virtually any colour imaginable.

    • Any RAL colours
    • Anodisation
    • Sublimation (wood effect)

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