Profilink Nolix

Profilink Nolix

The system is a PVC solution with contemporary linear design.

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  • Profilink Nolix provides a modern design with excellent energy efficiency. The three levels of sealing guarantee the ready made window an impressive resistance to air, water, noise and dust, significantly reducing heating and cooling bills.The 7-chamber construction of the solution as well as the possibility of placing wide triple glazing in it, ensure comfort in spaces and make it an extremely desirable product both in new construction and in renovation of buildings.

    • Only primary materials used
    • Completely white profiles in colour

    Technical information

    • Frame (width):

      82 mm
    • Frame (height):

      73 mm
    • Casement (width):

      82 mm
    • Casement (height):

      85 mm
    • Glazing options:

      24 mm and 44 mm (26 mm and 46 mm with Static Dry Glazing tape)
    • Max vent height:

      2300 mm
    • Max vent width:

      1250 mm


    • Thermal transmittance Uf:

      1.1 W/(m2.K)
    • Air permeability:

      Class 4
    • Wind load resistance:

      Class C3
    • Watertightness:

      Class 9A

    At Profilink, our PVC profiles are available in an extensive array of colours, offering you the freedom to choose the perfect palette for your windows and doors. Select from a diverse range of foils in different colours and wood imitations. Our unwavering commitment to customization ensures that you can envision and personalize your living space with PVC windows. With Nolix, the spectrum of possibilities for your windows is as limitless as your imagination.

    • White profiles
    • Foiled profiles: Golden Oak, Nussbaum, Eiche Dunkel, Anthracite, Mahogany, Black, Grey 7155, White, Ice Cream, Sheffield Oak, Eiche Natur, Jet Black Matt, Gale Grey Finesse
    • Uf Classification report Profilink Nolix Window and door solution

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