Profilink NOLIX: The New 7-Chamber PVC System for Windows and Doors

In April, Profilink introduced its new 7-chamber PVC system for windows and doors - Profilink NOLIX.

Profilink NOLIX is a completely different product from mass systems on the market. The profiles are more massive and stable, while providing excellent energy efficiency, and the three levels of sealing guarantee the ready made window an impressive resistance to air, water, noise and dust, significantly reducing heating and cooling bills.

Profilink NOLIX

In the production of the profiles, only primary materials are used, and the profiles are completely white in colour, with the possibility of placing an aluminium cap.

The 7-chamber construction of Profilink Nolix, the three levels of sealing in the system, as well as the possibility of placing wide triple glazing in it, ensure comfort in rooms and make it an extremely desirable product both in new construction and in renovation of buildings.