Profilink Highlights Success at Residential Forum 2024 in Sofia

Ivo Todorov, Head of Product Development for the Profilink brand, recently captivated audiences at the esteemed residential forum hosted by Gradat Media Group. In his engaging presentation, Ivo provided valuable insights into the significant investments spearheaded by LINKIN, our esteemed industrial group.

Ivo Todorov presenting at the residential forum hosted by Gradat Media Group.

During his presentation, Ivo underscored LINKIN's commitment to sustainability, showcasing groundbreaking initiatives such as the establishment of a state-of-the-art aluminium plant, the implementation of a pioneering PVC recycling facility, and ambitious strides in renewable energy through our solar parks initiative.

Ivo Todorov showcasing LINKIN's commitment to sustainability initiatives.

Additionally, Ivo delved into the latest advancements within Profilink's architectural portfolio, particularly focusing on our innovative aluminium architectural solutions. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, Profilink remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional products and services to our esteemed clients.

Participation in this forum facilitated engaging discussions with industry peers and provided a platform to spotlight the transformative endeavors undertaken by Profilink and LINKIN. We take immense pride in Ivo's contributions and eagerly anticipate our continued journey of innovation and progress.

Ivo Todorov engaging in discussions with industry peers at the residential forum.

Stay tuned for further updates on our pioneering initiatives and industry-leading developments.