Profilink with a new corporate identity as a part of industrial group LINKIN.

Profilink is one of the most successful manufacturing companies and brands in the Balkans. For over 30 years, it has been engaged in the production of PVC profiles for doors and windows, and today we proudly announce that we have successfully completed a nearly year-long project of repositioning and overall rebranding.

"We are happy to announce that after much hard work, we can now unveil our new brand architecture, along with the new identity of Profilink. The project started over a year ago, and the collaboration with leading specialists in the field has enabled us to achieve this success." says Marieta Zaykova, Brand Manager at the company.

Profilink logo with slogan

The big news is actually the new brand architecture and the introduction of LINKIN to the market, the main industrial brand under which the manufacturing facilities and other businesses in the group will operate. Another significant change in the company's brand strategy concerns Profilink, which becomes an architectural product brand of LINKIN and will continue to focus on developing aluminium and PVC systems for windows, doors, facades, smart living spaces etc.

At the moment,we have a large PVC profiles factory near Plovdiv (Bulgaria), a PVC waste recycling plant, and our own solar park on the roof of our production base. Investing in recycling facilities and solar parks are part of the company's long-term strategy for sustainable development.

LINKIN and Profilink logos

Several years ago, the construction of a high-tech plant for aluminium profiles began, both for architectural and industrial applications, whose opening is scheduled for this year. With this move, Profilink enters a new business - aluminium extrusion for architectural and industrial applications. Our entirely new business model, expansion of production capacities, and new architectural portfolio dictate the need for the rebranding project and the complete renewal of Profilink’s identity. With confidence and commitment, we will continue to provide quality products and services to our customers and to promote innovation and sustainable development in the industry!